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Beijing Optic Electronic Tech Ltd(OET) acts as an agent and distributes a wide range of products. We are widely used in teaching, scientific research, product development and large-scale production of laser coupling, beam conversion, semiconductor lasers, picosecond femtosecond lasers and processing systems, detectors and other optoelectronic devices, material stress detection, semiconductor wafer processing and detection, and plasma spectrum detection products. For more than ten years, OET has continuously provided users with high-quality instruments and equipment and supporting solutions in the world, enabling each user to obtain lasting benefits.

OET has established long-term strategic cooperation with many manufacturing enterprises in the world, such as LIMO in Germany, Jena Group in Germany, SPETEC in Germany, Edmund in the United States, Sonicor in the United States, Ryokosha in Japan, Photonic in Japan, with its own professional and technical capabilities and excellent services; Lattice, Japan APCO, Japan NMPT, South Korea NONA TECH, Taiwan, China OPTIVU, etc.


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Beijing Optic Electronic Tech Ltd




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