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HYBRID Laser Microscope

HYBRID+ offers 6 functions from a single platform - two types of confocal optics, differential interference contrast, vertically scanning white light interferometry, phase shift interferometry measurement, and spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement. It addresses a variety of needs that would normally require the use of multiple tools.


1. Full-color confocal observation

HYBRID+ uses a white light source that emits a beam whose spectrum closely resembles that of the sun light. It captures 24-bit high-definition full-color confocal images with long depth of focus. These images are useful for various observation purposes because they contain a large volume of information compared with monochromatic images.

As shown in the pictures below, full-color confocal observation captures the micro topographic features of powder foundation. It also provides a clear full-color image in the operando observation of a lithium ion battery even though the sample is observed through a glass window.

Cross-sectional image of lithium ion battery during charging and discharging. Operando observation of graphite anode color change through glass. (Provided by LIBTEC)

2. Observation/measurement with a wide field of view

HYBRID+ uses Lasertec-original white light confocal optics. They provide a field of view approximately 1.6-times larger than that of other ordinary laser microscopes when an objective lens of the same magnification is used.

Standard CLSM's FOV (20x objective lens) HYBRID+ FOV (20x objective lens)

3. High precision measurement at low magnification

HYBRID+ enables highly precise measurement at low magnification based on a combination of its unique optics and specially-designed low-magnification high-NA lenses. This is a capability unmatched by other ordinary laser microscopes. Both of the images below are captured at the same 10x magnification but with different NA values. The one on the left, with NA 0.3, has noise in slope areas. The one on the right, with NA 0.5, shows significantly less noise and makes it possible to perform measurement with higher precision.

3D image by standard 10x objective lens (NA:0.3) 3D image by specially-designed 10x objective lens (NA:0.5)

4. Wavelength selection

HYBRID+ offers multiple wavelengths of light to choose from so that users can conduct observation and measurement with an optimal wavelength for their purposes. The selection of wavelength can be made simply by changing the settings of light source wavelength and photodetector channel. Because of this capability, HYBRID+ can perform measurement on samples that are unsuitable for measurement with a fixed wavelength of light such as laser light.

Light source : wavelength select function
Detector : Receiving channel select function

High precision

High precision measurement

The precision of measurement is indicated by accuracy and repeatability. Accuracy means how close a measurement result is to the true value. Repeatability means how small a variation exists among multiple measurement results. HYBRID+ achieves industry-leading accuracy and repeatability in the measurement of both horizontal length and height. HYBRID+ demonstrates superior performance in the long-term stability of measurement precision.

The precision of measurement
Accuracy±[0.02×(100/magnification of objective lens)+L/1000]μm


HYBRID+ is calibrated traceably based on national measurement standards. If requested, we will do pre-shipping calibration or calibration in the customer's operating environment. Inspection and calibration certificates are issued at the time of calibration. You can rely on HYBRID+ for your quality assurance needs.

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