Maskless Lithography
Maskless Lithography Equipment

The UTA series is a reduced projection maskless lithography device that combines a DLP projector with a metallurgical microscope to achieve a much more reasonable price than conventional systems. (Pattern projection exposure equipment for maskless photolithography) can be freely created on the software developed exclusively for (pattern projection exposure equipment for maskless photolithography).

Microscope LED Exposure Unit UTA series is a pattern projection lithography device for photolithography that does not require a mask. (Maskless lithography equipment)

・Using a metallurgical microscope and an LED light source DLP projector, an arbitrary pattern with a resolution of several microns is projected onto a resist-coated substrate for exposure.

・Patterns can be freely created on a computer.

・Since electrodes can be formed in the atmosphere on single crystal thin pieces of layered substances of various sizes and shapes, it is much cheaper and simpler than electron beam lithography. There is no need to fabricate expensive electrode pattern masks. (When a resolution of a few microns is sufficient)

Test projection before exposure (not sensitive due to red light)
Photo at exposure (exposure time of several seconds)

Microscope LED Exposure Unit (Maskless Lithography Device) Application Examples

  • Electrode formation of thin-film FETs and Hall effect measurement samples

  • Electrode formation for removing (thin) pieces from graphene molybdenum rough and characterizing the rough

  • Pattern formation for R&D applications

Microscope LED Exposure Unit (Maskless Lithography Device) Features

  • Since the microscope and DLP are combined, it is possible to build a system at a lower cost than existing maskless lithography equipment.

  • Easy-to-use dedicated software makes it easy to create exposure patterns.

  • The magnification of the objective lens enables batch exposure from fine patterns to a wide range of exposed areas.

  • Can also be mounted on your own metallurgical microscope (subject to conditions)

  • Resolution A few microns (several micron pattern molding) is also possible

Example image of electrode creation using UTA series lithography unit

◎ Samples

This is an image of an example of electrode creation provided to the Ueno Laboratory, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University.
The sample is natural molybdenum disulfide, and the Ti/Au electrode is made with four terminals.
This is a step-by-step image of finding a sample flake and forming an electrode.

■ Click to enlarge photo

パターン照射 安全光B
◎ Pattern irradiation with safety light
◎ Pattern irradiation
◎ After development
◎ After development
◎ After lift-off x20
◎ After lift-off x100
リフトオフ後x100 スケールバー付きB
◎ With x100 scale bar after lift-off
リフトオフ後x100 各スケール付きB
◎ After lift-off x100 with each scale

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